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Hi, I'm Tommy!

software engineering

server architecture

teaching & coaching

I'm a freelance fullstack software engineer and teacher - driven by idealism with pretty high values.
I'd like to contribute to sustainable organisations and other good ideas.
I try to avoid getting a small cog in the capitalist machinery.
My heart beats for ruby on rails, javascript and all the lovely technologies out there.
See what I do...

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Ruby on Rails



Progressive web apps


Sanktionsfrei (sanctionfree) is a Berlin-based NGO supporting a dignified living wage for all. The German welfare system Hartz 4 doesn’t fulfill that claim, as it can sanction people who don´t comply with its strict rules. NodeJS, CouchDB, Handlebars, Ansible. www.sanktionsfrei.de/
Custom Rails app with Vimeo api integration, custom design and selfmade backend. www.wrangelfilm.com
Strong-dark one pager which let you dive direct into the Berlin club scene. The theme purpose is focussed on visual aspects to catch both club visitors and investors. CMS is WordPress based and completely customizable and translation-ready. www.clubstiftung.berlin
The design of the „Themenkoordinationsgruppe Polizei und Menschenrechte“ of Amnesty International is based on their global side, but the architecture and the micro-design is unique. The site itself is very busy, it publishes several times a week new content and records every day hundreds of hits. Its wordpress-based, bilingual and a specially created mailchimp-newsletter-API connection is the cherry on the cake on this project. www.amnesty-polizei.de
Traditional Sudanese cuisine, lovingly cooked by the owner Walid and his colleagues in Berlin X-Berg/Friedrichshain. Wordpress stack with SEO, social media consulting and longterm maintenance. www.nil-food.de
In a team with 4 other developers we accomplished the relaunch in just 6 months. Rails backed social network with many features and good test coverage. www.mein-grundeinkommen.de/
Basic onepager for friends who own a tattoo shop. www.radicalelectric.com
Static php based website www.beautifulife.de
Basic onepager for the thrashmetal band of some friends. www.annexationthrashmetal.de/
Zelos is an open-source invoice app for software engineers who want control over their generated PDFs, have a nice overview and see beautiful graphical charts. www.zelos.thomaskuhnert.com
Alternative bar in Neukölln with a event calendar functionality. Your neighborhood, your local, table fussball and what else? www.b-lage.de
Street-fashion-photography at its best. Nested categories and tags with complex rails-backend to manage the posts. SEO, social media integration and clean design. www.blueperkmoment.com
Institute for computer science and practical software development. Website and technical environment solutions. www.digitalcareerinstitute.org
Stickers for to enhance intercultural competence in the neighborhood. Learn languages while reading stickers in the toilet of your favorite bar! www.infodio.de/

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